The Museum and the City
The Palace Square itself is another one of the Hermitage spaces, albeit much less constricted one. Posing options are more varied than inside the museum itself.
Millionnaya street and the Atlantes statues are preferred places for taking shots, which is not surprising, as the visitors are allowed to touch them. The statues have become the symbol of the Museum.
The General Staff Building stands out for its archway, its architectural elements, and the Mendeleev clock. The most popular angle is a picture from inside the archway overlooking the Alexander Column and the Winter Palace.
The most popular object outside the museum walls is the Winter Palace – or, more precisely, its facade and its elements.
We can see the Winter Palace on collages combining several St. Petersburg attractions, which means that visiting the Museum is included in the list of the most popular tourist destinations in the city.
Thanks to Instagram, informational and visual expanse of the Hermitage spreads further into the city, at the same time staying within the "cultural radius" of a tourist route.