We have classified the pictures according to their predominant color. The majority of the photos turned out to be either yellow and red, or gray and green.
More than a half of the pictures (58%) were published without editing. The most popular filters are Valencia, Аmaro, Clarendon, Lo-fi, Mayfair, Juno, X-pro.
Yellow and red:
these are the photos of works of art or visitors posing in front of them, or picturing the museum's decor employing gilding, red velvet, and wood.
Gray and Green:
these hues are predominant in the pictures of the Winter Palace's facade, the Palace Square, Atlas statues on Millionnaya street, and the Hanging Garden of the Small Hermitage during summer. The green staircase of the General Staff Building is incredibly popular.
these are the pictures taken on the Palace Square, mostly in good weather.
Purple and red:
these pictures can in fact be divided into two groups. The first one is pictures of halls where red is the predominant color of the decor: The Battle Gallery of the Winter Palace, Peter the Great Memorial (Small Throne) Hall, and The Small Italian Skylight Room in the New Hermitage. The second group of pictures comprises temporary exhibitions and modern art.
Black-and-white images:
these photos capture statues, empty hallways and staircases, sometimes selfies. Black-and-white filters are used to achieve an "antique" feel to the picture; one can also see here elements of the "designer" Instagram aesthetics.