The Décor
The building of the museum itself and its decor are important elements the Museum's exhibitions. The visitors "take visual stock" of the Winter Palace and recreate its interior in detail on Instagram.
It is possible to see the most popular places of the Hermitage and the routes via which the visitors explore the museum spaces. The most popular places are the Small Throne Room, The Library of Nicholas II, the Hanging Garden of the Small Hermitage and the Raphael's Loggias.
For the majority of visitors, the exploration starts with the Jordan Staircase, as it is the first "palace" interior which has a profound effect on visitors. The Jordan Staircase is one of the most popular places for posing for camera and taking selfies.
The General Staff Building houses contemporary art exhibitions. Similar to the Main Museum Complex, the first impressive interior there is also the staircase, made of dull green glass.
The similarity of routes inside the museum help explain why the same objects attract the attention of the visitors, who photograph them from the same angle.