The Visitors
The most popular way of taking pictures is intentional posing for the camera. These pictures follow the tourist photo tradition, where a person is photographed in front of a city sight.
In some pictures, we see different poses: a wistful sideways look, or being absorbed in examining a work of art. The visitors take photos in the "Follow Me" project style, inviting the viewers to dive into the Hermitage spaces.
Instagram adds a new genre to posing, the selfie. The Hermitage visitors are quite ingenious and take selfies using mirrors, ceilings and works of art.
One can find "alternative selfies" as well: photos of feet, entry tickets, the Hermitage maps or coffee cups pictured in front of the Museum. Pictures of coffee communicate the same range of consuming practices to which visiting the Hermitage belongs.
Visiting the Hermitage is a collective activity. People come here on dates, and visit the Museum with their friends and family. Pictures with children symbolically underscore the transmission of cultural knowledge and the Museum's role in it.