The majority of pictures related to the Hermitage are taken outside of the Museum itself and are devoted either to the Winter Palace or the Palace Square, and the works of art are the third most popular category.

What do people prefer to take photos of?
The most popular subjects are the Palace Square and the Winter Palace, paintings and sculptures (16%), halls and decor (9,5%), temporary exhibitions (2,8%).
How do people prefer to picture these?
People posing for the camera comprise 18,2% of the photos, while selfies account for 8%, and pictures of other visitors, queues and other groups of tourists comprise 7,6%.
More pictures are taken in the summer and autumn, as it is vacation time that brings more tourists with it.
The most popular time of publishing the photos is during lunchtime or in the evening.
The Hermitage visitors publish their photos while they are in the historical center of St. Petersburg, where the major sights are located. We can assume that the majority of the Museum visitors are tourists.